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May 28, 2013


It’s Pascha week in the Orthodox church, we celebrate our Easter much later because of the calendar we use (the OLD one if you really need to know). There is a service every night this week, and multiple ones over the weekend, with a huge Celebration at 2am Sunday morning, where we run around ringing bells and declaring that Christ has risen. A BBQ and Picnic on Sunday and Monday…

It all sounds wonderful…

But it’s freaking me out…

Why you ask would something so worthy of celebration be a cause for concern?

What in the world is wrong with you?

I am asking myself that same question, and at the moment I have no good solid answers. I have some ideas, and can recognize some of what is eating at me, but I don’t have a full grasp yet on the situation. I think it goes something like this:

I get up early, hop in the shower, feed the animals, eat breakfast, run to work. Work on a very large and complicated project, run home, try to finish:


The Shop’s Electrical.

The Freezer outside that needs moving.

Unpacking the pod of tools and equipment.

Putting up a gate so we can get some sheep for the pasture.

Cleaning out the Chicken Coops.

Unpacking my office.

And those are the ones I can remember, we are still on hold with the other house, so that is always on our minds. My Daughter is graduating high school this year, and starting college, she has a new boyfriend I have to meet and check out now (man do they grow up fast).

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