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August 19, 2013


Stop and say a prayer

The faithful in Egypt are facing extinction, by the always gentle and peace loving Muslims, churches are being burned, destroyed, and vandalized. A Catholic Priest was martyred for his faith, and two Antiochian Bishops have been in captivity, held as prisoners for months now.

The current administration has done nothing but bluster and puff up with strong words, and yet the violence and bloodshed continues. The media, who should be zeroed in on this tragedy, shouting about the injustice of it all from the rooftops, is instead chasing down the latest sensational headline, that has nothing to do with the tragedy we see happening before our eyes. There is some coverage, but the Royal baby, or Lady Gaga’s latest album seems just as important to them.

It breaks my heart, we live in such a fallen world. Human’s killing Human’s is as old as time, but it doesn’t make it right, or morally acceptable. That’s not to say that I would not defend the life of my family by taking another life, but I know that there will be heavy burden to pay. But to kill others because of your religious beliefs, makes me understand why so many are turning to Atheism…

I keep a little card on our altar, and every morning when I pray I go down the list to make sure I didn’t  miss anyone. It started with just the two bishops, but has grown now to include all of Egypt.

Please say a prayer that God will protect our brothers and sisters being persecuted in Egypt no matter what you believe (what can it hurt, right 😉 ), and that the country can finally find some peace.

That’s the most effective thing I can think of right now…



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  1. Aug 20 2013

    God help them. It is so awful, the atrocities that are being committed by Islamists. How can the Christians survive amongst such brutality?

    • Aug 20 2013

      I don’t have an answer, the situation in the middle east is a puzzle that I’m not sure how we solve. I have an article about a machine they use in Saudia Arabia that slices up the flesh of your hand, leaving it mangled for life. They use it if you are caught carrying a bible. At some point we as a country need to take human rights and actually do something about them, rather than simply talk about them like the politicians do.

      So for now we pray every morning that God will heal middle east, and bring peace to the people there.

      Lord Have Mercy…


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