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The Ringmaster

I’m kind of difficult to pin down, but since your looking, I’ll give it a shot…

I come from a middle class family, grew up in California. Was raised in the new age and the Episcopalian church. I’ve been married to the same woman since 1985, have three kids (two grown, one still getting there).

I’ve been through just about every protestant faith, but was Southern Baptist for many many years, in 2011 after a couple years of searching and heartbreak, my wife and I converted to Catholicism. I remain Catholic to this day, and will die a Catholic.

I work with Computers for a living, I love anything Apple puts out (well almost anything), and I’m a huge technology geek. I like beer with lemonade in it, good food and the occasional bottle of fine wine.

For a hobby I keep saltwater creatures, raise clownfish and other types of saltwater creatures. We have too many tanks, and way too much experience doing this. We keep chickens, dogs and cats along with the fish. I like motorcycles, sucking at Golf, and building things with my hands, like Guitars, cabinets, and other assorted devices.

I’m studying Philosophy at BSU, and will get my degree before I’m finally laid to rest in a flame red coffin (with Ghost Flames). I like Theology, but I’m not a theologian, I’m not an Apologist either (in fact I loathe the majority of them). I like integrity and honesty, I’m not above sticking my foot in my mouth, and admitting when I’m wrong.

I can’t stand people who drank the ‘Cool-Aid’ of any type, I despise blanket statements, and people who ‘polish’ or put a spin on what they say.

I’m grumpy, cantankerous, and often enjoy solitude, with the only exception being my wife who can safely interrupt me when I’m focusing on something.

I love my country, but think it could be better. I don’t think Governments job is to give free handouts, and I think in this life you make your own luck. I like charities that teach people how to self sufficient, and I think we pay too much money to a government run by people who can’t balance their own checkbook.

I think that says everything :)

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