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December 22, 2012


More Random Thoughts

There was a terrible tragedy a week ago, evil came to visit an elementary school, and took the lives of innocents. But now a week out and instead of praying for the family and victims, we have begun a witch hunt. And of course everyones favorite fantasy is to make guns illegal, it’s happened before and it’s never worked. It never will, in fact just like an atomic bomb, you can’t un-invent a technology. So even if we make guns illegal, you can still make one at home with little trouble. Arming the teachers is not a bad idea, except most teachers fear guns already. Turning our schools into prisons, which they already do here, might help, but ultimately it didn’t help in Sandy Hook. I don’t know what the answer is, Theodicy is the theology of explaining evil in the face of a good and loving God, and sometimes I just don’t think you can. Evil showed it’s face again, and it will happen again, no matter how many rights we take away from our citizens. But letting reactionary idiots on capitol hill run the conversation is going to lead to another TSA farce, where every one suffers but no one is really safe.

Finally got my iPad mini, if I’m not a certifiable Apple fanboy, then I have no idea what one is. I love the form factor, it’s just right for all the things I do, and fits into my coat pocket. The new cover for it is a¬†disappointment, but Michelle ordered a switcheasy which will fix that problem. Now I just need an iPhone 5 :)

The house sold two days into showing, we just signed the paperwork, now to see if the lender accepts. I think he will, it’s easy money and the attorney will make it hard for him to collect anything else, I just want all this over, and to get back on with our lives, we also sign the lease on a new property today.

The Pope is calling Gay Marriage the end of our civilization, I don’t know if I would go that far. I think the whole thing is a farce to begin with, it’s an outgrowth of a society that is focused on an unequal concept of equality. There are so many now who think that everything should be ‘fair’ and ‘equal’ and they are not interested in the consequences of their¬†ideology. The Catholic view of sex, marriage and birth control forces them to be reactionary when dealing with these issues in the first place, I can’t tell you how much bad information I’ve heard from Catholics about these topics, especially birth control. And some of the arguments from some of the biggest names are so skewed and nonsensical that I wonder if they actually believe some of the junk they pedaling. Gay Marriage is not the end of the world, I don’t agree with it, I think it’s wrong. But I’m not going to stockpile my supplies and wait for the end of the world over it, I have the Mayans for that :)

Speaking of the Mayans, I’m glad that nonsense is over.

I’m hoping for a white Christmas this year, the first year we moved into this one (almost exactly seven years to the day) we got a white Christmas, this will be the last one with all the kids here. So I want it to be special, we will do Roast beef, open presents and watch old cheesy movies, and laugh a lot. It will be good, then we finish packing and start a new adventure.

Here’s hoping your Christmas is Merry and Bright, and take some time to reflect on the reason we celebrate each year, God, through Christ, reached out and gave us a savior, and freed us from the tyranny of sin.


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  1. Dec 22 2012

    Paul, God bless you and your family this Christmas.

    The Pope is coming from the belief that as the family goes, so goes the world. And that the family is the fundamental cell of society. So calling same-sex “marriages” “family”, letting people in these disordered relationships adopt children, etc., will undermine society.

    It’s not the Mayan end of the world, but one big chunk taken out of the foundation for human society.

  2. Dec 30 2012

    I’m not saying I disagree with his position, I just think the language being used on all sides of this issue, is getting overly polemic and apocryphal in nature. Fiscal Cliff, The Mayan nonsense, and every new thing that comes along is the end of something. It’s going to undermine the family at some level for sure, but we aren’t going to stop it, and I don’t think it’s as bad as it’s being made out to be.

    I think Abortion is a much darker issue, that has more impact than gay marriage, the killing of our own kind for the sake of comfort is an unfathomable crime. On that I would use apocalyptic language.

    The new Atheism is ‘Equality’, it will be interesting to see of the Ray Comforts and other evangelical warriors can put down their hobby horse of Darwin, Dawkins and the ‘Evils’ of Atheism and deal with the true evil of the call for ‘Equality’ that’s now pervading every part of our life…


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