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November 18, 2012

Packing Begins

I spent most of yesterday packing up my desk, because even if we can keep the house, I’ll be moving it to a new office upstairs. I also jettisoned all the stuff I had collected and don’t need anymore, today I’ve been setting up iTunes Match to get all my content out onto the cloud, synching up all my browsers with the main machine and getting ready to box up my Mac Pro, and move to my Retina until either I move into my new office, or we find a new home. We have found some interesting prospects, like I said before the market is flooded right now, so we can be picky and get something that will meet our needs.

We have decided that for the shop, we are going to order pallets and shipping crates for the stuff that’s hard to transport. Most things have wheels so I can move them around easily, so we are going to start cleaning each tool. Get it all up to spec, and then either stick it on a pallet and shrink it, or just shrink it for storage. Then we will get one of the Pods delivered and move the whole shop into one of those. It should just barely fit, minus the workbench which is OK, I’ve had it for about 12 years and it’s time to build a new, much better one.

We went bowling last night with some close friends, and that was a wonderful experience. It felt good to get out of the house, and do something fun with people who we love and trust. We are determined to not let this beat us down, it’s important that make the best of this. We have until March, that’s a good deal of time, the office packed up pretty quickly, and because I’m a computer nerd, I found a program to inventory and make box labels. That makes moving so much easier when you can organize and have a place for everything.

As soon as iTunes finishes I’ll be taking this computer offline, and packing the last of my office up for a while.

We also had a long talk about the Orthodox faith, we are heading back. I’m reaching out to the Father this week and see if he has some time to sit and go over our concerns in a more intimate setting. At this point we need a church family, we realize that clearly, and so this is the first step to heading in that direction.


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