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November 16, 2012


And out to the frying pan

We talked with our financial adviser this morning, while he thinks we could obtain a loan and keep the current house, his advice was something we didn’t want to consider. Our best option in his opinion, is to move out, find a new place to rent for a time, and let the mess that is our economy under Obama settle.

We have poured our hearts into this house, but as much as it pains me to the core of my very soul, I know he’s right.

There is time to actually pack correctly, get things in order (the shop will require special effort to box up), and find a new place to settle in. The kids are almost out, the last one heads off to college next year, so we can trim WAY down. Let go of all the stuff we have been holding, and do a reset on our lives.

The other very concerning problem is with Obama Care coming next year, companies are going to be hard pressed to meet it’s demands. There are already layoffs taking place nation wide, major employers are skirting the law by reducing working hours and some are just closing shop. It’s going to be a tough four years, and I’ve lost any hope that anyone in Washington will actually do anything about it.

So the packing begins, and the search for a new place is on.

I’m numb from all this, I know it will work out in the end, but right now it’s hard to see anything but losing our home.


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  1. Nov 16 2012

    Paul, so difficult. I hope you can find some solace in it all, and maybe find a place to rent that will let you do the hobbies and things you like to do. We’ve been renting for years to try to save up to buy five or so acres and a small house (or build one if possible), so we can then finally get out of paying mortgages and interest and all that.

    Finally, we are seriously looking at getting Samaritan health share. We have looked at MediShare also, but Samaritan looks better for us at this point. Something to consider.

  2. Nov 17 2012

    Thanks Devin,

    We thought about doing the farm thing for years, and we still might. I’ve never looked at either of the options you mention, I’ll have to go do a little digging. I’m not as into agrarianism as you are, but it would be cool to live off our own land. We could do that here in Idaho, in fact we had a family meeting last night and are going to look for a farm we can rent for a time. Rentals are so plentiful right now that it’s a perfect time to be picky. I want to keep my chickens, dogs, fish, and cats.

  3. Nov 17 2012

    Paul, yes we hope to have a big garden and some useful animals like chickens that could help shave our bills. We had chickens for about five years before our situation prevented any animals, and we definitely got a big benefit from them.

    Renting some acreage is a great idea as well: saves you from having to pony up a lot of capital, and you get to make use of lots of land.

    Samaritan and MediShare are not insurance, so they (so far) escape the regulations and get grandfathered in to avoid things like paying the upcoming penalty if one doesn’t buy insurance (this is what I understand anyway). It’s just groups of Christians literally paying each others’ bills. But they won’t cover contraception or morning after pills or anything like that, so we are thinking of switching.


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