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November 20, 2011

A trip down memory lane…

Good music stands the test of time, Great music gets better with age…

In the early 80’s at the height of the Christian music era, there was one artist who stood out among the rest, and while today I still listen to some of the older songs (some I would just like to forget). Not all of them have stood the test of time, many came and went like the passing of a cloud.

To this day I still find great pleasure in listening to Phil Keaggy’s work, especially his earlier material.

Here’s a good example:

Phil Keaggy – Live – 2002 – Spend My Life with You

Probably my favorite Phil Keaggy song is this one, it speaks to the heart of who I am. The story goes that he used to go out an ride his bike before attending church, the song grew out of that experience:

Phil Keaggy – Let Everything Else Go @ Wheaton College

If you have never heard of the Master and The Musician, then your missing out on a master work of music that will set your heart free, here are a couple of older videos featuring a song from that album:

Phil Keaggy – Castle’s Call / Pilgrim’s Flight

Phil Keaggy – Fare Thee Well

And if your wondering just how good Phil is, these should help a little :)

Phil Keaggy “Amazing Grace” E-Bow Demonstration

Phil Keaggy – The Wind and the Wheat

There is a story where one time my brother and I drove from Bakersfield, down to Los Angeles to see Phil play a concert. We showed up early and went to get our tickets, the staff at the little church was astounded we had driven so far. So they gave us front seat tickets, it was an awesome experience to be there with my brother and enjoy seeing Phil play.

I’ve seen him 2 other times, and each time he has blown my mind with not only how talented he is, but just how humble he is as well. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to spend a little time today with everything off, and just listen to some Keaggy and find my happy place :)



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