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April 6, 2011

In Support Of Atheism

The idea that I as someone who believes in God would offer my support of Atheists may sound a little out there, but given the state of the Evangelical church today in America, I find that many times I side with with the non-believers more than the believers.

The reasons for this are pretty simple, there are some amazingly stupid things that go on in the name of Christ in this country. In many cases christianity is represented by some of the worst offenders, theives and con-men to be found anywhere. Pat Robertson and his prattling on about Haiti’s pact with the devil, Kent Hovind (known young earth creationist, KJV only nutcase and money launderer now doing time in prison), Benny Hinn and his ‘healing’ ministry, Baker and his swindling people dumb enough to give to him. To make matters worse today you can go into any modern Evangelical church and hear people talk about the evil’s of evolution and atheism, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort are two that spend all their time pushing their anti-darwin agenda and doing aggressive street witnessing. A couple years ago they made a mockery of serious christians with their lame attempt to take on atheism on ABC, they essentially went to a gun fight with a butter knife. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard well meaning christian’s repeat utter nonsense about atheism and evolution without having even the slightest clue as to what they are really referring too.

No wonder we have so many people leaving the churches, the faith that Paul preached is nowhere to be found in today’s modern church. Instead you find sychophants who repeat the drivel that passes for biblical understanding, it’s embarrassing and does not represent the church the Apostles started. If you have doubts and ask hard honest questions your seen as a trouble maker, or you run smack dab into a wall of idiocy where you have to take things on ‘Faith’, I know believers today who will tell you they believe in Calvinism but have not the slightest idea what it really stands for. Christ said that we are to love God with our Heart, Soul and MIND (Matthew 27), but today we have churches full of people who can’t even tell you what they believe or why.

They know nothing of church history, nothing of how to actually read their bible, they run from Theology and instead sit and repeat all the nonsense they are told.

This is not to say that all Atheists are that much better, there just as many atheists who are just as polemic and idiotic. But in many cases you will find that the strongest atheists started out as believers who had questions, doubts and concerns. When they didn’t get their answers or got shunned (or worse), they turned and walked away.

I very much understand their position, because I’ve been there. I walked away, I challenged on all things that I could not find in my bible. Getting a straight answer was next to impossible, even something as benign as which version of the bible I read became an issue. I used a ‘New King James Version’ for years, it was basically the same version from 1811, just updated to sound like *normal* english. I challenged two KJV only ministers on why my version was wrong, one couldn’t answer the question and the other gave me a book that called any translation other than the KJV a satanic version (not only that, but it never ONCE, ever, showed any verse from the NKJV that was wrong, instead it just made huge blanket claims of evil translations). Great well thought out responses, I finally just walked away from the whole circus, and for a time became agnostic.

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